I'm on Divine CSS!
A A new website can be as easy as pie if you let us do the hard yards for you.

Having a website for your business is critical nowadays.

This younger generation hardly even know what the yellow pages are anymore... they just go on the interweb and 'google' it. The dictionaries even made 'google' an official verb because 'search' was far too simple for modern day folk.

The fact is, if you're not on the interweb... you don't exist anymore.

But I already have one and it's only 10 years old?
Hey, we're nostalgic too. But things move fast in the high-faluting world of the internet. There's no denying that having an old and out-of-date website is hurting your business. People simply expect more these days. The great news is it's easy to catch up.

Remember, once you invest in your new website it just sits there and does its job all day, everyday, no questions asked!

It's all straight forward to us.
But there's alot of techno-phobic, anti-digital old school paper lovers out there. So here's a break down.

With our packages you get:

Your own personalised website
A place in cyber space you can call your own. It simply sits on the 'interweb' doing its job without a care in the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your own personalised design
No cheap copied website with a few different colours splashed on it. We custom design and build all of our websites. Your website will get its own look, feel and personality. Designed from scratch or BYO colour scheme to fit within your current brand guidelines. You choose.

No expensive ongoing charges
Want to change the words and pictures on your website? No problem!
Our custom 'editor' suite means you can do it yourself 'insta-matically' updating your site in seconds. We are always willing to pitch in and lend a hand if you need it.

1 Free website domain name
Included in all of our packages, we give you the www.yourbusinessname.co.nz or .com thingy free of charge for the first year.

1 years Free website hosting
We give your website a home for a full 12 months. On completion of your complimentary 12 months hosting we are able to provide your website with a home for only $12.95 / month. We'll even do the heavy lifting and help you move it to a new place if you so decide.

Information off each and every visitor to your site.
All sites we develop have Google Analytics activated.
Google Analytics is an advanced website statistics tool which will provide you with valuable information about the people who visit your website. Including where they are from, what pages they looked at and what buttons they clicked on. Scary but true!